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There are many homes for sale in our great city that never make it to the MLS system.  As a member of the Austin Luxury Network, I can help you to find homes that are silently listed around town.  If you are in the market for a home, please give me a call.  I can match you up with the home of your dreams. 

Crystal - 512-680-5835

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Spring has arrived in our beautiful city and people are out looking at homes to buy.  The only problem is the shortage of homes on the market.  If a home is priced well and in good condition, you can expect multiple offers in the first week.  Prices are on the rise as the real estate market heats up.  I have seen values go up in many neighborhoods in the last 90 days.  It's a great time to sell your home.  Call me today for a free market analysis.  512-680-5835 Crystal
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Austin is in the news again for being a beacon of light for job creation.  The job growth rate is RED HOT. Number one market in the US.  Growing at a blistering 4.4% annuak growth rate.  We are seeing people relocate to Austin by the thousands each year.  It is a great time to buy in this beautiful city.  Prices are on the rise and on track to be a fantastic investment. 

Call me if you would like to set up your personal home search.  512-680-5835 Crystal Kilpatrick

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With interest rates at an all time low, it is a wonderful time to buy a home in Austin.  It is an even better time to sell your home.  If your home is priced right and move in ready, you're likely to sell your home in the first 30 days on the market.  The market in Austin is strong due to people relocating to the area, and the rates being so very low.  If you have been considering making a move, now is the time to do it. 

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Great article from CBS News about Austin 2011: "Make no mistake - find a city where businesspeople are travelling and I'll show you a city where money is being made. Welcome to Jobstown, USA.


A study by the Brookings Institution and the London School of Economics ranks Austin 26 out of 150 world cities in its ability to recover from the recession well ahead of places like Dallas (39), New York (77), San Francisco (129) and Las Vegas (146). No other US city is experiencing faster job growth than Austin (2.4 percent per year).


Over the course of three days, CBS News visited a number of firms to try and figure out what's behind Austin's success as a job generator and if there is anything other American cities can learn from their example.


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10 Best Cities for the Next Decade

By the Editors of Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

May 25th, 2010

They're prosperous, innovative, and they'll generate plenty of jobs, too.

We live in challenging times. Unemployment remains high, and the U.S. lead in technology and science is slipping as many foreign countries gain ground. But some U.S. cities, though slowed by the Great Recession, still thrive by lifting good old American innovation to new levels. And that will help put more Americans back to work and keep our international edge.

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Formula One has just announced that Austin has been selected as their host city until 2021.  The location of the future track has not been selected, but a facility will be built to hold the event.  The race is expected to draw an international crowd and infuse the local economy with hundreds of millions of dollars.  It is expected that every hotel room from Temple to San Antonio will be booked during the event. 

This is very exciting news for Austin!

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1. Staging forces you to think like a buyer – When you are working to stage your client’s home to be put on the market, you’ll be looking at the home as if you were a buyer. Gaining this perspective will help you in many ways when preparing a home to be listed.

2. Staging forces you to organize and de-clutter – Clearing shelves, closets and cabinets is a big part of the home staging process. It also helps with the moving process because sellers can pack items away as they are getting rid of the clutter.

3. Staging increases the likelihood of a sale – When you are selling a home, you need to do everything you can to increase the changes of selling the home. A successfully staged home gives your seller an extra edge in selling their home quickly.

4. Staging…
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The Homebuyers Tax Credit jumped its last hurdle yesterday, as both the House and the Senate have passed the bill and it now awaits President Obama's signature, expected today or tomorrow. And while we have been expecting this to happen for some time and with all the changing details, let's go over the actual Bill. For First Time Homebuyers or those who have not owned a home within 3 years, the tax credit remains at $8,000, with income restrictions maxing out at $125,000 for singles and $225,000 for couples. Current Homeowners - those defined as having owned a home for five or the previous eight years - can now also take advantage of a credit, with the slightly lesser amount of $6,500, with the income restrictions the same as described above. To qualify

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We just had new stonework done to our flowerbeds at our home in Southwest Austin.  We had to immediately find a good landscaper to complete the job.  After meeting with several people, and going over plans and prices, one stood out from the group.  She is Jodi Phillips with Morningstar Landscaping.  She made the process easy and effortless, and came up with a reasonable budget. 

I was impressed with her because whe did not try to overprice the job, like many others did.  She showed up on time, and was quick to email with the bid.  When we came home to see the results, we were so happy! 

I think that she works all over Austin, our job was in Southwest Austin, but she travels to all areas.

Give her a call at 512-527-4050

Her website is

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